HydroSonic Therapy

“Research indicates that nearly every disease, from cancer to the common cold, is adversely affected by stress levels.”

-- William Regelson, M.D., Professor of Medicine, Medical College of Virginia

About the HydroSonic™ Relaxation Table

Image your whole being responding to the therapeutic power of music as it creates relaxing waves. This technology represents a unique marriage of water and sound. The computer-generated pure digital low frequency and infrasound tones are mostly beyond the range of human hearing. Playing on CDs through bass reflex speakers into the water, the tones become vibrations that when combined with the body’s own fluid vibrations, provide a powerful inside-out massage experience. Every cell of the body is affected.

A New Produce Based on an Old Concept

Sound’s healing potential can be traced back to ancient times, when Greeks pronounced a link between music and healing. Aristotle referred to the power of flute music to decrease tension; the rhythm and melodic interval concept of healing was developed by the noted mathematician Pythagoras.

Dolphin Connection

Scientific researchers have documented that dolphins naturally emit energy and sound vibrations, which stimulate the release of endorphins and seratonin in humans encountering them. Most often gravitating to the person most in need, these interactions always leave an indelible mark on emotions, and reports of spontaneous healings abound. Using the same principles, the HydroSonic™ Relaxation Table is a convenient way to work with nature to promote well being.

How It Works

Situations of stress or injury affect normal body movement and function. The HydroSonic™ Relaxation Table, via a unique blend of sound and water vibrations has the ability to automatically adjust a user’s vibrational range back into harmony. Fully clothed users experience the table’s benefits while reclined for 30 minutes, followed by a 1-15 minute “cool-down” period.

Physiological Changes

  • Release of endorphins.
  • Helps remove metabolic muscle waste.
  • Eventual alleviation of the products of stress that cause disease.
  • Interruption and reversal of vicious cycles of chronic stress and its side effects.
  • Provides a reference point for what relaxation is.

Results Reported

  • Sense of profound relaxation.
  • Pain relief.
  • A feeling of oneness.
  • Muscle relaxation.
  • Lower blood pressure and pulse rate.

The Limitations of HydroSonic™ Therapy

  • It is not a substitute for self-discipline, exercise, a good diet, physical therapy, traditional massage or other means of stress reduction. It is a complement to these!
  • It is not an immediate cure for stress-related problems.

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